Advanced Lipidology

Preventative diagnostic services for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes

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Pediatric Services

Children have always held a special place in my heart, particularly children and families who struggle with weight issues. My passion for helping children and their families reach an optimal level of health resulted in the development of Healthy ‘n Fit Families.

As a mother of three and a full-time nurse practitioner, my approach to counseling children and their families takes into consideration the time constraints and stresses that most families today face on a daily basis. I recognize each family and every child is different and respect that individuality. I realize parents know their child the best, and my role as a healthcare provider is to utilize that strength and work with the family to enhance the well being of your child.

Healthy ‘n Fit Families

The Healthy ‘n Fit Families is a program that provides treatment of children ages 2–18 with cholesterol disorders, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and/or overweight-related disorders. In addition, we offer genetic evaluation of cholesterol in those children who have either a parent or grandparent who has had an early-onset cardiac or stroke event (Males < 55 yrs; Females < 65 yrs). Healthy ‘n Fit Families gently and effectively supports your family in creating an active lifestyle and a healthy yet not depriving diet. You tune up your nurturing skills to curb your child’s emotional overeating and sharpen your limit setting skills to prompt your child toward a healthier lifestyle. Your child accepts more responsibility for diet and activity, and feels happier and safer. Food becomes less important, activity more exciting and the child’s weight begins to normalize. Diets typically cause children to feel deprived and overeat, Healthy ‘n Fit Families supports gradually adopting a moderate food intake that provides essential nutrients based on the Recommended Dietary Allowances and the National Cholesterol Education Program Guidelines. With Healthy ‘n Fit Families, the whole family changes so parents often see weight loss and improvements in their diet, activity, blood pressure and serum cholesterol as well. Healthy ‘n Fit Families is staffed by health professionals certified in Clinical Lipidology and in the care of overweight children. Our team includes a registered dietician, mental health professionals, physicians, nurse practitioners, and exercise specialists. Our clinic was created to help our clients and their families reach an optimal level of health. I believe that children obtain the best possible results when they and their families understand the impact their lifestyle has on their health. I am committed to answering your questions, ensuring you understand your options and helping you and your child make the best possible choices regarding health. Watching your family achieve optimal health potential is the most gratifying aspect of my job. The office visits and labs are covered by your insurance company, so out-of-pocket expenses are limited. Your child’s case will be evaluated on an individual basis and you will be advised if the office visits and labs will be covered. Healthy ‘n Fit Families is the pediatric component of Advanced Lipidology. The medical director of the program is Pauline Haririe, Board Certified Lipid Specialist and Licensed Shapedown Provider.