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Susan, after

August 2016

Susan, before

August 2015

Susan Schissel
Feeling so much better!


I have struggled with my weight all of my life. My first diet was at 8 years old from my pediatrician. I have dieted almost continuously since then. By 2015, I had been on high blood pressure medications and water pills for over a decade. I had been diagnosed with PCOS, hypothyroid, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. My A1C was creeping up towards Type II diabetes. I was on medication for allergies and asthma. I have always retained lots of fluid. My feet and ankles were always swollen, and my hands were always sore. I had no energy and was always hungry.

In 2015, my doctor sent me to Advanced Lipidology to see Pauline Haririe. She started me on Victoza and a low-carb diet. As always, I followed the diet religiously. I like to get outside and walk. I love to swim. I have a stationary bike for when weather isn’t great. I try to stay active.

This time, the weight fell off. In 1 year I lost over 60 lbs. At 5’2”, that’s a lot of extra weight. The fluid retention is gone! And the pain is gone with it. I have reduced my asthma medications to only when needed, which is very rare. My allergies are quieted – rarely take meds. All of my inflammatory illnesses are greatly reduced. Blood pressure and water pills are gone! A1C is normal! A year later, I am maintaining my weight. I feel better than I ever have! Being active is fun now!

Thank you Pauline Haririe/Advanced Lipidology for helping me to find the answer to my war with my weight! I have finally won! Most of all, I am thrilled to finally feel good!